Thank you for accessing this Wiki! Your input and expertise is needed!

This is a global collaborative effort to develop Classroom Applications, based on state educational standards, with multiple perspectives and contributions from people all over the world. This will provide rich content and diversified activities for teachers and students form grades kindergarten - grade 12 (5 years - 18 years). We are thrilled to have your input!

This will be presented as a global collaboration so your participation will be very valuable to the success of this project. Please note in parenthesis where you are from so that we can track the contributions. For example: "Create an online cartoon for younger students explaining the school’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). (USA-NJ)"

Please feel free to enter as much or as little as you can to these documents. Every attempt will be made to monitor the documents for inappropriate language and entries. Any inappropriate entry will be removed.

The attached PDF, Sample DRAFT CAD, illustrates what some entries might look like. Please feel free to add your own ideas but please keep them brief. You will notice that all Classroom Applications in the DRAFT are not complete because this is a working document. See 8.1.8.D.1 for a more complete CAD. The content and cumulative progress indicators (CPIs) cannot change. Please use this as a model to complete some of the other Strands.

Each document has a deadline at the top right of the page when we plan to remove the contents from the document and place them in a master document. Submissions after these dates will not be considered for the initial submission but will be considered for future updates.

Please note that the Cumulative Progress Indicators (CPIs) are based on a numbering system explained below for the CPI 8.1.4.D.2
8.1.4.D.2 Analyze the need for and use of copyrights.
8.1 represents the Standard Educational Technology
4. represents that the activity is for students in grade 4 and below.
D. represents the Strand Digital Citizenship
2. represents the second Cumulative Progress Indicator (CPI) for that grade level.

Additional Classroom Application documents will be posted as they are ready.

Please contribute often and encourage colleagues to contribute.